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Incline Chest Press Machine


Independent movement arms provide more balanced strength improvement and offer the choice of training one arm at a time or simultaneous concentric and eccentric movement on opposing arms.

The trajectoroy of the handles converge during movement providing a natural arc of motion and increased range. The warm up and stretch cord is integrated into the frame for a convenient stretch point for the muscles trained on the machine.

The counter balance on each arm reduces starting resistance to 500gr.

Main related activities rugby, shot put, football, canoeng, boxing, basketball, volleyball, weightlifting, wrestling, judo gymnastics, bobsleigh.

  • Length: mm 1500 in 59
  • Machine weight: kg 165 lbs 361
  • Width: mm 1200 in 47
  • Max Load:kg 200 lbs 441
  • Height: mm 1715 in 67